Stop the Struggle

Create a Breakthrough with GEX

Your Launchpad for Strategy, Branding, Growth and

Capability Development

Stop the Struggle

Create a Breakthrough with GEX

Your Launchpad for Strategy, Branding, Growth and

Capability Development

No matter the size, your business matters. Formed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, GEX helps you to tackle challenges head-on to become highly adaptive and future-ready.

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If so, it’s time to take back control and develop a winning strategy with GEX. We’ll guide you every step of the way.


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Many businesses begin with an eager and enthusiastic mind, but the road to success can be challenging without the right tools and set of skills. This is apparent as studies show that more than 85% of businesses fail in less than 18 months.

Understanding the reasons behind these struggles, GEX is passionate about educating and enriching entrepreneurs from all sectors. Our actionable content and experienced mentorship will help you stand out in the competitive business environment and achieve sustainable growth.

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A business without direction is like a car without a GPS. Strategy, as an important business foundation, provides a clear direction for your business so that there is security and stability for the leader, the team, and ultimately, the customers.

Our Strategy Development service will empower you to stay in control by identifying your business’s unique value. This gives your business a competitive advantage to take the leadership position in the marketplace.



Many businesses mistakenly believe that branding is only necessary after achieving success. However, this approach could lead to a price-driven competition and cause the brand to lose its significant value.

Positioning your brand from the start will help you to define a clear value proposition for your business. By establishing quality and differentiation in the minds of your customers, you can eventually foster a strong connection to solve their problems.

Business Model & Roadmap


When a business is unclear about its own business model, every step and outcome becomes unpredictable. This leaves people confused and the business vulnerable to an existential crisis.

Using proven practices, we’ll work alongside you to build a robust and sustainable business framework so that you can make focused decisions, navigate your business journey better and reach your full potential.

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Proven Track Record
Many of our clients have successfully listed their companies under our guidance.
Expert Mentorship
Learn only from the best – successful CEOs and global leaders who continuously shape the industry.
Award-winning Results
Several of our clients have won the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.
A Wealth of Resources
Access videos, books, case studies and practical modules to fuel your entrepreneur path.
Easily Accessible Tools
Our business app provides you exclusive business insights wherever you are.
Supportive Community Events
Connect and engage with like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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Karthik Siva

With over 25 years in senior leadership roles, Karthik Siva has been a trusted mentor to a network of reputable CEOs and entrepreneurs, offering expert guidance on globalising and scaling their businesses to success.

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